Stromat - Your wallbox for the home

With the Stromat from alcona Automation GmbH you can charge your car quickly and safely in the shortest possible time. The charging station can be operated with alternating current as well as three-phase current. Accordingly to an available electrical connection on site, the charging
power can be up to 22 kW.

In the development, durability stays in connection with a robust solution in the foreground. Due to the splashproof design, the product can be used directly outside without any additional covers.

The wallbox is delivered directly with a 5 m charging cable and type 2 charging plug. The integrated cable rewind guarantees a gentle storage of the cable between the loading processes.

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The charging station

Climate change is leading to a fundamental change in thinking and to environmentally friendly technologies. Electricity plays an important role. From E-Mobility to the environmentally friendly source of energy at home. Ecological production and sustainable conservation of resources!

Being able to charge your car with the self-generated solar power is a breakthrough in the energy industry.

For this purpose, a device is needed, which prepares the AC power from the house for the DC in the car. The solution is called STROMAT: AC meets DC, connecting cables to the car and towards to the future.

The advantages of our wallbox

  • Wallbox/Charging station for 3.7-22 kW
  • Type 2 plug for vehicles in Europe
  • Permanently connected 5 m charging cable
  • Integrated charging cable reel
  • Attractive design
  • Robust housing with stainless steel front
  • Quality product Made in Germany

Long-lasting quality from Germany

Your wallbox for the home

Stromat charging station/Wallbox for e-cars

Item No. ALC-STR-B3-22-T2-5

  • Type 2 plug with 5 m charging cable
  • 3,7 - 22 kW, max. 32 A
  • Incl. integrated cable rewind

587.40 € excl. VAT

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Stromat stand base for charging station/wallbox

Item No. ALC-STR-ST-126

  • Stand for freestanding charging station
  • Stand made of stainless steel

147.06 € excl. VAT

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