Stromat-I - The intelligent wallbox

The Stomat-I is THE wallbox for the discerning individualist.

A high range of functions paired with the well-known robust and durable design of the product offer you the ideal solution for charging in the private and commercial sector.

The wallbox can be used directly outside. As standard, it is provided with a 7 m charging cable with a type 2 charging plug, which is carefully stored on the integrated cable reel.

Find out more about Stromat-I-wallbox in our brochure

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The advantages of our wallbox

  • Wallbox/Charging station for 3.7-11/22 kW
  • Scratch-resistant glass front with individual design options
  • MID-calibrated energy meter
  • User management for up to 48 people
  • WiFi hotspot operated via SmartPhone app
  • RFID authentication
  • LoRaWan radio module for network-related control of charging process
  • Integrated solar coupling and dynamic load management
  • DC residual current detection
  • Robust product for outdoor operation

Also in your design!

You have the choice

Stromat-I charging station 11kW
part no. ALC-STRI-B3-11-T2-7
Stromat-I charging station 22kW
part no. ALC-STRI-B3-22-T2-7
Option central energy meter (direct 63A)
part no. ALC-STRI-OPT-ECD63
Option central energy meter (incl. converter 250A)
part no. ALC-STRI-OPT-ECW250
Option central energy meter (incl. converter 400A)
part no. ALC-STRI-OPT-ECW400
Option 10m charging cable (11kW+RFID)
part no. ALC-STRI-OPT-11-T2-10m
Option 10m charging cable (22kW+RFID)
part no. ALC-STRI-OPT-22-T2-10m

You can purchase our products from your electricity provider and electrical retailer.
If you cannot find a suitable partner in your area, please contact us.

Stromat stand base for charging station
part no. ALC-STRI-ST-128
Stromat stand base for two charging stations back to back
part no. ALC-STR-ST-128-DUO -R